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Talk To Us business pledge from Suicide Prevention

GrassRoots Suicide Prevention has set up The "Talk To Us" business pledge, see below for their reasons why and what the pledge is all about

The "Talk To Us" business pledge

Brighton & Hove has a very high suicide rate and we want to work with local businesses to change that.  Businesses are uniquely placed to reach out to their staff and colleagues who might be thinking of suicide.  Most people who die by suicide are of working age and many will be in employment.  By signing up to this pledge companies can be more aware of the needs of colleagues who might be struggling with difficult feelings and be able to offer some support and information about where to go for help.  1 in 20 of us consider suicide in a 2 week period and business people are no different.  Together we can help make our city safer from suicide.

We pledge that we will:

  • encourage colleagues to be open and honest when life gets difficult
  • talk sensitively to colleagues if we are worried about them
  • help them get support if they need it
  • encourage colleagues to sign up to the individual Tell Me suicide prevention pledge

Sign the "Talk To Us" 
business pledge here