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Pillow Fight Round IV at Ohdeer

See Brief from Ohdeer about their Annual Pillow Fight competition, where designers can submit their cushion designs


Our cushions are stocked by lots of leading brands in the UK and we sell a lot direct to lovely customers through our website, they're one of the products people think of when they think Ohh Deer. 

We test how popular your products are by putting them in the public domain. You can increase your ranking by getting your posts liked, tweeted and pinned (+ some other activity which you will see within your account) your entries will go on sale as soon as they're approved - you will get 20% of the profit (not the sale price) from each cushion, sales are heavily weighted and will dramatically boost your ranking. 

See below for some of the cool designers on there. To see more click HERE So to help support these designers, like / tweet / share and buy to help them

In particular check out artist Leigh Harris