Brighton Bricks

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Brighton Bricks - The Dream

Thanks to everyone who came along to last nights Brighton Bricks meet up

Good work was done on our logo idea, still a bit more tinkering & we should be done 

This post is about two things, one to say this group is open to anyone who loves Lego & lives in the Brighton area. So feel free to spread the word about Brighton Bricks, come up with ideas about the groups directions. Ideas for events or ways to attract new members  

So if you have ideas or suggestions about the following let me know: 

  • Future events
  • Event location  - still at Alcampo or if people have any other suggestions
  • Events to be held evenings or weekends (or both) 
  • How often should we have meet ups
  • Activities for future events  
  • Ways to attract new members  
  • Org or people we should connect with  
  • Other Lego groups we can do partnerships with  

The second thing is about my future ambitions for this group. The main one is to register as an Lego User Group (LUG), so we can enjoy the benefits of support from the Lego Group. We can only do this after being an active group for 12 months 

I'm planning from next year to see if I can set up a stall at one of the many craft fairs throughout Brighton, selling Lego Minifigures  as well as stuff like Lego Crayons (I made them using the Lego ice cube moulds) and raising awareness of the group 

My grand idea I would love to do is set up our own Lego exhibition at a venue in Brighton, where we can display models, have sellers etc. Of course this is a long way off but it is good to have something to aim form  

So please feel free to post to the Facebook page or to our Twitter account if you have any ideas or can help us grow in any way