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Last day to nominate a Giving Tuesday Ambassador

2nd Dec is Giving Tuesday, this is a global campaign in response to the recent rise of Black Friday & Cyber Monday 

It is all about promoting the act of giving, be it donating or volunteering your time, or helping to spread the word about how important giving is. I know from personal experience, over a decade ago something happened which made me realise events such as Christmas, the feeling you get from giving can out weigh the act of receiving a gift  

I have supported this, which is why one of the reasons I set up to promote all the great people I know, who's aims are about giving back. Best example I can recommend is The Good Gym, a running group who combine getting fit with doing good deeds in the community  

So today (29th Oct) is the last day to nominate a Giving Tuesday Ambassador for the UK, someone you think represents what giving is all about. This can be someone who gives a lot of their time volunteering or someone who has done amazing fundraising or someone you feel gives a lot to their community 

See below for details how to nominate