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Why have I started this, and what is my aim with this website. I started off with Twitter, and over the last year or so, have added Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr & Pinterest. Some have worked, and some haven't. But the biggest problem I have noticed, everything is temporary and nothing sticks. In September 2015 two things happened, which inspired me and made me thinking having my own website is the way to go.

#zerowasteweek and #justacard are the two things. Both made realise how many great people I follow and promote, and for #zerowasteweek I started a Tumblar blog, which had list of people/businesses which could help you reduce your waste either via recycling, up cycling, repair cafes, food waste organisations. 

Then #justacard campaign started, and made me realise how many great creatives I follow. Also made me think how much do I actually support local businesses, local designers, independent shops and galleries, who need all the support they can go. So again I did some Tumblr blogs, but they feel like they get lost in the mass of blogs and stuff on there. 

So decided to finally do it, and make Bright Green Penguin a website, which has directory of creative people, charities and loads of great community iniatives out there

As always I need your help to make this a success, the more people who read and share this, the more promotion those featured will get. 

And lastly, these list will never be complete, so will always be adding to them. So if you know of anyone who everyone else should know about let me know