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In Feb of this year I started up #fridayheroes on Twitter where I highlighted the great work done by people I followed. I picked people who inspired me, who work has a positive effect be it charity related, community based or creative.

I did this for quite a few months but over time I felt limited by the number of characters Twitter allowed me, didn't really allow me to express why I picked them. So I sort of slowed down & stopped picking people

 That feels like such a missed opportunity so I'm going to start it again, starting it next week. I will be posting each Friday, people, companies, initiatives which do good, which inspire people, help improve our environment  

I also want it to be a more personal thing, what about it makes me want to pick it, how does it inspire me. I want #fridayheroes to be both your story & my story. I also want it to be interactive, what to hear your positive stories about these #fridayheroes how they helped you. 

Thank you