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Desk, Studio and Workshop space available with Brighton FIELD - Deadline Mon 18th Jan 2016

Applications are now open with Brighton FIELD, who want to work with Brighton's entrepreneurial makers, designers and inventors to transform a corner of Brighton into something more than just a field. The possibilities are endless.

See below to find out more

Ultimately, the purpose of FIELD is to inform the design of a permanent facility on the site as part of the Preston Barracks development. For that reason, we would particularly like to hear from anyone developing products or technologies that might make the future building more sustainable, more enjoyable to work in, or  more cost effective to construct.

Sound like you? Read on.


The FIELD building has sat unused and unloved for too long. That’s why we’ve spent the past few months bringing it back into use. We’ve created a functional, blank canvas to allow creative start-ups to make the space their own.

All spaces will have:
· Power
· Internet
· Base lighting
· Access to WCs and communal areas

We will be offering small amounts of grant funding to successful applicants to help them kit their space out with the furniture and equipment their business needs. This will be based on need, but we expect to offer up to £3k per team.

From January 2016 the following spaces will be available for future residents:

Studio 1 – 13.76 sqm
Studio 2 – 13.76 sqm
Studio 3 – 12.44 sqm
Studio 4 – 9.24 sqm
Studio 5 – 9.57 sqm
tudio 6 – 9.57 sqm


We have three key criteria. The companies we host must have the following:

1. A vision to create a sustainable business that designs and/or makes physical products

2A vision to grow that business (not necessarily to take over the world, but to create multiple valuable jobs)

3. A commitment to high quality of design, engineering and/or craftsmanship

As stated above, there is a preference for pioneers in construction design and technology.


If this sounds like you, then download the FIELD application form on the home page. Please submit your application by Monday 18th January 2016.

If we think your proposal sound like a good fit for FIELD then we’ll get in touch and set up a meeting to discuss your plans further. All applications will be read and considered carefully.


The purpose of the project is to inform a clear vision of what Brighton & Hove’s diverse entrepreneurial community needs from a potential permanent facility, which is part of the proposed redevelopment of Preston Barracks. Overall we have two key aims, which are:

1. To empower entrepreneurial makers, inventors, engineers and product designers with the use of a diverse workspace

2. To unite like-minded people, organisations and businesses to create a community that thrives on the free exchange of ideas between creative innovators and inventors