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Hummingbird Project - Crowdfunding Appeal to Help Refugees in Calais

See below post from The Hummingbird Project, a large group of Activists from Brighton who support Refugees in Calais, Dunkirk, and locally in Brighton have a crowd funding campaign to help them carry out their work

Read below to find out what they have been working on.

The kindness of our Donors has allowed us to build a medical clinic in the "Jungle" in Calais, which we run every weekend with our Hummingbird Doctors and Nurses. We also have volunteers who run a tea kitchen serving over 1000 hot drinks every weekend in either Calais or Dunkirk camps.

We will be soon launching an Art and Wellbeing Safe Space in the centre of the Jungle. This will be a place for people to keep warm, dry and and engage in creative and comforting activities.

We have a group of 200+ builders who are a big force locally, as well as in the camps of Dunkirk and Calais. Our builders lead the way in building shelters for refugees, and help maintain the upkeep of existing shelters. We also help provide essential fire safety equipment in the camp, and have delivered 235 fire extinguishers, to date.

Locally, Hummingbirds are launching campaigns and are busy using art as a form of peaceful activism and protest. We are often making banners, we make ‘Refugees Welcome’ Poster Campaigns, and use installations to raise awareness of human rights and remind the public of the conditions in the camps.

The Hummingbirds alongside Children of Calais are supporting Brighton Voices in Exile in supplying emergency aid to refugees that have just arrived in East Sussex.

Caroline Lucas and Keith Taylor of the Green Party have both sent letters of support to the Hummingbirds for all their dedication to working in solidarity with refugees.

The money raised will go on the overall running costs of the projects which can include (but is not exhaustive) refugee aid, medical supplies, travel expenses and volunteer expenses.