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Why South Coast Challenge?

Why South Coast Challenge

I used to be fit.

Well I used to be unfit, and not very sporty then in 2006 I took up running. At first it was just an attempt to reverse the weight gain of my 20s, but then it became an addiction. A good addiction though, a challenge which I enjoyed, it was something I could see myself improving in, and there wasn't many things I was good at. 

I ended up running various races, including London Marathon twice, Nice to Cannes Marathon (completed it with a stress fracture in my leg), and the Beachy Head Marathon (nice and hilly). I also did the Moonwalk (26 mile walk around London at night), London to Brighton cycle ride at night, and lots of other races and adventures.

Then came December 2013, and I ended up in hospital for three weeks with a serious lung infection, off work for several months recovering from the surgery. When I started running again late 2014 I had to start from scratch,  Roll onto February 2015 and I completed the Brighton Half Marathon and discovered I caused myself a hernia. By September 2015 I had the surgery for the hernia (and emergency appendix surgery in May 2015). Rest of 2015 was recovering from the surgery (still get pain post-surgery, I even named the pain - Herman)

So now I am going to the gym, and decided I wanted a challenge to get myself fit again.... and I choose The South Coast Challenge

What is the South Coast Challenge?

It is a 100km trek from Eastbourne, up Beachy Head, along Seven Sisters and through Brighton at the midpoint. Then up Devil's Dyke and end up at Arundel. People can run, walk or jog this event, I will be very much walking, though may jog the event if I still have the energy! Walking it will take me between 24-34 hours

Who For?

So part of me doing this is the challenge of getting fit again, challenge of having a goal and achieving it. The other reason I am wanting to do this event, is to raise money for a very important charity. I am supporting the charity RISE UK, a charity which helps people affected by domestic abuse. Offering practical solutions, shelter and support in Brighton, Hove and Sussex


So I have a few ideas so far for fundraising but if anyone has any ideas or suggestions on how I can raise money let me know... I will be setting up a justgiving page (or do people have a better suggestion for fundraising)