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New Lego Sets - June 2016

Coming 1st June LEGO are releasing a few new sets, and here are some of the ones to check out

You can find the others at

Technic - Porsche 911 GT3 RS - £249.99

Not a big Technic fan, but this does look good. Though would need to see it in the flesh

City - Volcano Heavy-Lift Helicopter - £99.99

The new theme to hit Lego City is Volcano, we have had Arctic and Aqua recently, so now fire to go with ice and water.

Nexo Knights - Jestro's Volcano Lair - £99.99

Have to admit I like this theme more than I thought I would, and am tempted with The Fortrex, and now they have made a base for the baddies!

Friends - Amusement Park Roller Coaster - £89.99

Until they make a Creator Expert Roller Coaster set this maybe our best chance to create a rollercoaster 

Marvel Superheroes - Spider-Man: Web Warriors Ultimate Bridge Battle - £89.99

I like this set, bur feel like I would need to have two to make a complete bridge. Liking the choice of Super-Villains but do we really need so many Spider-Men in this set, Spider-Girl is a good one, but couldn't Scarlet Spider been changed for someone like Daredevil

DC Comics Superheroes - Batman: Killer Croc Sewer Smash - £69.99

Again another set with a great choice of Super-Villains, and interesting vehicles. Out of the two big new Batman sets, this does look the better one to me

Elves - Queen Dragon's Rescue - £59.99

Bought some of the Elves sets for my niece, and I do like the colours, and this dragon does look good

Star Wars - Encounter on Jakku - £49.99

Another Star Wars: Force Awakens set, haven't made my mind up on this one but it is Star Wars!

Marvel Superheroes - Spider-Man: Doc Ock's Tentactle Trap - £44.99

Why couldn't we had an alternative Spider-Man in this set, instead of the same one, even if it is a battle damaged Spidey suit

Ninjago - The Green NRG Dragon - £39.99

Some cool minifigures and a nice dragon

City - Fun in the Park - City People Pack - £34.99

Must Have Set - the fact you get a Lego baby and a Lego wheelchair (means you can make your own Professor X now!), and so many other great figures and pieces to add to any Lego City

Star Wars - Eclipse Fighter - £34.99

A chance to get a Dengar minifigure

DC Comics Superheroes - Batman: Rescue from Ra's al Ghul - £34.99

Nice variant of Batman, and the Ra al Ghul figure looks really good. I also like the Bat dune buggy

Duplo - Mickey & Friends Beach House - £29.99

After getting the Disney CMF, you can now get Mickey, Donald and Goofy Duplo figures

Marvel Superheroes - Spider-Man Ghost Rider Team-up - £19.99

The Brighton Lego store have all of these new sets, and this was the first one I had to get for Ghost Rider and his bike

They are a lot more cool sets, and being released on 1st July is the new Big Ben set, at £169.99

So which is your favourite set of the new releases, any of the ones I missed you really want.