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Result of Week 2 Training Plan

Finished week 2 of my training plan, and here is how it went

Monday 23rd May - 30 mins Aerobic
Rowing Machine - 10.06 mins and 2062 meters
Indoor Bike - 20.02 mins and 5.01 miles
Both personal bests

Tuesday 24th May - Rest

Wednesday 25th May - Cross Training
Weights day doing 7 machines, focusing on upper body

Thursday 26th May - 40 mins Aerobic
Rowing Machine - 10.08 mins and 1947 meters
Indoor Bike - 20 mins and 4.86 miles
Treadmill - 10.03 mins 0.61 miles Walking on speed L6 and up to Incline L14

Fri 27th May - Rest

Sat 29th May - 2 Hour Walk
Instead of doing a 2 Hour Walk, I ended up building wardrobes, and then did a 40 min on my mini indoor bike (while watching The Giro D'Italia) and then a 10 min run covering 1.04 miles

Sun 29th May - 1 Hour Walk
Not doing the 2 Hour Walk yesterday, so I decided to do it today after coming back from Guildford. Made sure I did a few hills, and covered 7.83 miles in 2 hrs 11 mins

My week 3 training plan is

Mon 30th May - Rest
Tue 31st May - 30 mins Interval
Wed 1st June - Cross Training
Thur 2nd June - 50 mins Aerobic
Fri 3rd June - Rest
Sat 4th June - 2.5 Hour Walk
Sun 5th June - 1 Hour Walk

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