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Result of Week 3 Training - South Coast Challenge

Completed week three of my training plan, and my results are 

Mon 30th May - Rest
Instead of a rest day went for a walk with Claire from Brighton Marina to Rottingdean and back again via a cafe at Rottingdean Total 5.05 miles.

Tue 31st May - 30 mins Interval
30 mins on the Indoor Bike covering 7.50 miles on the Interval Training setting

Wed 1st June - Cross Training
7 machines working on my upper body, calf & hip muscles. 

Thur 2nd June - Rest
Was meant to do Aerobic workout, but calf was feeling sore from yesterday workout

Fri 3rd June - 50 Mins Aerobic
Did 1 Hour on the indoor bike at home, little machine, so I can sit on a chair, watch TV and cycle at same time.

Sat 4th June - 2.5 Hour Walk
Walk from Hassocks to Brighton, covering 10 miles in 3 hours 2 mins. Really enjoyable walk through the Sussex countryside, though the climb up to Jack & Jill shows me I need more hill work.

Sun 5th June - 1 Hour Walk
Nice walk along Devils Dyke with Claire, in total covering 4.41 miles and 1 hour 40 mins. Nice sunny weather, and of course we had ice cream up there.

Week 4 Training Plan
Mon 6th June - Rest
Tue 7th June - 45 mins Aerobic
Wed 8th June - 40 mins Aerobic
Thur 9th June - 1 Hour Walk
Fri 10th June - Rest
Sat 11th June - 3 Hour Walk
Sun 12th June - Rest

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