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Result of Week 8 Training #SouthCoastChallenge

The results of Week 8 of my training plan for the South Coast Challenge, 1 00km walk I am doing for charity in August

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 Below is what I was meant to do this week

Mon 4th - Rest
Tue 5th - 35 mins Aerobic
Wed 6th - 50 mins Aerobic
Thur 7th - 1 Hour Walk
Fri 8th - Rest
Sat 9th - Rest
Sun 10th - 5 Hour Walk

Mon 4th - Rest

Tue 5th -  35 mins Aerobic
Rower - 10 mins 1905m
Indoor Bike - 12 mins 3.18 miles, changing levels every 2 mins
Treadmill - 3 mins 0.21 miles, just walking to rest after rower and bike before
Running Outside - 10 mins 1.08 miles

Wed 6th - 50 mins Aerobic
Rower - 10 mins 1829m
Indoor Bike - 30 mins 7.14 miles on the Interval Training setting
Weights including abdominal, triceps, shoulders. 
Running Outside - 10 mins 1.06 miles

Thur 7th - 1 Hour Walk
Broke in my new walking boots with a 1 hour 1 min 14 seconds, covering 3.73 miles

Fri 8th - Rest

Sat 9th - Rest

Sun 10th - 5 Hour Walk
Ended up doing 6 hours covering 20.63 miles. A mixed bag of a walk, as went from Brighton to up along the South Downs, where it started off misty but ended up very wet and not many views due to the fog / mist. Was a good walk along the South Downs, then down to Falmer, and from there down to the coast where I completed the circuit by walking along the seafront until I got home.

Happy with this week as I was able to go back to the gym after a couple of weeks recovering from the recent illness. Noticed fitness had slipped back, would have struggled to do 20 mins rowing, so stuck to 10 mins. Very happy with the walk on Sunday, as it was wet conditions, and the fact that didn't really cause me any problems, means if that happens on the South Coast Challenge, I am more prepared.

Week 9's Training Plan
Mon 11th - 50 mins Aerobic
Tue 12th - Rest
Wed 13th - Cross Training
Thur 14th - 40 mins Aerobic
Fri 15th - Rest
Sat 16th - 6 Hour Walk
Sun 17th - Rest