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Result of Week 9 Training #SouthCoastChallenge

The results of Week 9 of my training plan for the South Coast Challenge, 1 00km walk I am doing for charity in August

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 Below is what I was meant to do this week

Mon 11th - 50 mins Aerobic
Tue 12th - Rest
Wed 13th - Cross Training
Thur 14th - 40 mins Aerobic
Fri 15th - Rest
Sat 16th - 6 Hour Walk
Sun 17th - Rest

Mon 11th - Rest

Tue 12th -  1 Hour Walk
Walk - 3.62 miles in 1 hr 5m 38s at a pace of 18.08

Wed 13th - 24 min Walk
Walk - 1.28 miles in 24m 1s at a pace of 18.50

Thur 14th - Rest

Fri 15th - 50 mins Aerobic
Indoor Bike - 30 mins Interval Setting covering 7.31 miles.
20 mins on weights, using 10 machines seeing how many reps I can do in 2 mins. Something I will do a lot more know.

Sat 16th - 6 Hour Walk
Ended up walking closer to 7 hours, and very different weather to last weekend's long walk. This time was very sunny, and needed to drink lots of water. Walked up and down the South Downs, doing lots of hills and off road walking. Was happy with this walk, knowing this is over a third of the distance I be doing on the challenge. Though realised I need to get better socks for my feet

Covered 23.39 miles in 6 hours 55 mins, with a pace around 17.41. I walked so long the battery on my GPS walked died after 6 and half hours. So final part of walk had to calculate distance using Map My Walk. Will need to bear this in mind with my longer walks.

The part missing is walking from Hove to home

Sun 17th - Rest
Well needed rest day

Didn't do as much gym work as I would have liked, as life got in the way - Brighton Bricks, dog sitting and cinema nights. But I am happy with what I did, and how I am progressing. I like the idea of doing the 2 min gym workouts, seeing how many reps I can do. I love discovering new places on my walk, as well as knowing the direction I need to go in, but not exactly how to get there. So much fun working it out. Also people are so cheerful when walking along the hills, everyone says "morning"

Week 10 - Training Plan
Mon 18th - 40 mins Aerobic
Tue 19th - 1 Hour Interval
Wed 20th - 30 mins Aerobic
Thur 21st - Cross Training
Fri 22nd - Rest
Sat 23rd - 4 Hour Walk
Sun 24th - 4 Hour Walk