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Result of Week 7 Training #SouthCoastChallenge

The results of Week 7 of my training plan for the South Coast Challenge, 1 00km walk I am doing for charity in August

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 Below is what I was meant to do this week

Mon 27th - 30 mins Walk
Tue 28th - 1 Hour Walk
Wed 29th - Rest
Thur 30th - 45 mins Walk
Fri 1st July - 30 mins Aerobic
Sat 2nd July - 3.5 Hour Walk
Sun 3rd July - 2.5 Hour Walk

Mon 27th June
Did a 2.78 mile walk in 46m 1s at a pace of 16.32

Tue 28th June
Did a 3.63 mile walk in 1hr 53s at a pace of 16.47

Wed 29th June
Rest day

Thur 30th June
Rest day

Fri 1st July
Did a 3.70 mile walk in 1hr 1s at a pace of 16.14

Sat 2nd July
Did a 17 mile walk in 4 hours 37 mins 22 seconds at a pace of 16.19. This was a walk from Goring On Sea to Brighton, with a slightly detour at Shoreham where I ended up doing a couple more miles than needed. Really nice walk along the sea front. I have been enjoying these long walks as it lets me listen to my podcasts such as The Cycling Podcast, Fighting Talk and Serial

Sun 3rd July
Was planning to do indoor bike, but ended up a rest day

So overall happy with training so far, especially as still getting over the chesty cough I have been having for the last two weeks. 

So my Week 8 Training Schedule is as follows

Mon 4th - Rest
Tue 5th - 35 mins Aerobic
Wed 6th - 50 mins Aerobic
Thur 7th - 1 Hour Walk
Fri 8th - Rest
Sat 9th - Rest
Sun 10th - 5 Hour Walk

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