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Results of Week 12 & 13 Training #SouthCoastChallenge

Due to the 10 hour walk I did last Sunday was too knackered to do my training blog, so here is the blog of the last two weeks training.

If you not aware I am doing a 100km walk on the August Bank Holiday weekend, raising money for Sussex based charity RISE

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Week 12 - Training
Mon 1st - Rest
Tue 2nd - 52 mins on the mini indoor bike at home
Wed 3rd - Rest
Thur 4th - 30 min walk outside
Fri 5th - Rest
Sat 6th - Rest
Sun 7th - 10 hour 4 mins Walk covering 32.19 miles. Walking from Brighton to Lewes to Newhaven and back to Brighton. Bit misty and suffered quite a bit. 

Week 13 - Training
Mon 8th - Rest
Tue 9th - Rest
Wed 10th - Gym - 10 mins indoor bike, 20 mins rowing, and then couple of weights machines
Thur 11th - Gym - 21 mins indoor bike, 10 mins rowing, some weights and finished off with a 5 min 55 sec run outside covering 0.66 miles
Fri 12th - Rest
Sat 13th  - 4 hour 15 miles Walk covering 13.80 miles. Walked from Hassocks to Brighton
Sun 14th  - 2 hour 5 mins Walk covering 6.22 miles. Walked with Claire along the seafront past the marina

And here is what I am planning to do next week

Week 14th - Training Plan
Mon 15th - Rest
Tue 16th - 30 mins Aerobic
Wed 17th - Rest
Thur 18th - Cross Training
Fri 19th - Rest
Sat 20th - 2 Hour Walk
Sun 21st - Rest

Less than 2 weeks to go now, so tapering down. Though as doing a rowing challenge in October, I am making sure I don't rest too much. Will be concentrating on rowing machine. This week's long walks went well, showing me the 10 mile was just a one off. Feeling confident again.

Feels unreal this is going to happen. That will be walking 60 miles, will be walking for under 24 hours (hopefully)

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