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Brighton Bricks Window Competition

This Christmas I am thinking of doing a competition, where shops in the North Laine region of Brighton will have a LEGO minifigure hidden in their shop window. 

People will have forms with names of all the shops on it, and they will have to go around and check out the windows to find all the windows to have a chance of winning a LEGO set

So I am looking for local shops in the North Laine part of Brighton (want to limit it to a small area of Brighton this year, and if successful I would want to spread it further in following years). Part of the reason of doing this is promoting Brighton Bricks, but one of the other reasons is to encourage people to Shop Local, and hopefully by looking in shop windows, people will venture inside. 

Would like to do this in December

So if you would like to take part please email me at 

What would be required?

  • Have a minifigure in their window for the duration of the competition 
  • Hold forms for people who want to take part
  • Taking in completed forms for people who have spotted all the figures
  • And what I would also like to do is do a Christmas Collection for local charity RISE, encouraging people to drop off new Lego sets, which we can give to RISE who can give to children in their refuges. 

If anyone has any ideas, or suggestions please let me know