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BGP Crowdfunding Suggestions 8th March 2017

Here are a few crowdfunding campaigns which are worth checking out

Stoneham Bakehouse Community Supported Bakery

Looking for £20,000 by 15th March. As of 8th March £8,985, 176 Supporters

Stoneham Bakehouse CIC is a Community Supported Bakery based in the Poet's Corner of Hove. Having recently secured premises, the money they are asking for will allow them to get equipment and carry out works to fit out the shop into a bakery of their own. 

Being part of the community, they will use the premises as a hub for their activities as well as a bakery shop, where the bread will be baked by community volunteers

Pledge £20 and get a loaf of bread a week for a month, tote bag, and name on the wall of thanks
Pledge £30 and get a place on one of their breadmaking workshops, tote bag, and wall of thanks
Pledge £100 and get 2 tickets to a VIP Pizza night, tote bag, and wall of thanks
Pledge £500 and have 1/2 day team building baking bread

read more about Stoneham Bakehouse crowdfunder page

The Book Borrowers (Brighton & Hove Libraries)

Looking for £575 by 12th March. As of 8th March £155, 9 Supporters

In The Bellows need to raise £500 by 12th March to get additional Arts Council funding. Inspiring children to love and use their local library through theatre, puppetry & adventure. Their actor-librarians reveal the world of the Book People, miniature puppets who live amongst the bookshelves. The aim is to get children to feel ownership of their local library, feel inspired by their books and be excited to return to use the library into the future. 

Pledge £5 and get thanked on printed and online content
Pledge £50 and get business branding / individual credit at end of film shown at Jubilee Central Library

read more about In The Bellows crowfunder page

Disability Pride Brighton

Looking for £10,000 by 29th April. As of 8th March £85, 7 Supporters

Disability Pride Brighton is a celebration of and for people with disabilities, there has never been one in England before, so Brighton is the perfect plan to hold the very first one. A city, which is all about inclusion. The event will take place on Sunday 9th July in New Road, with stalls & stages offering music, performers, arts, comedy and food

read more about Disability Pride Brighton crowdfunder page

Fishy Filaments

Looking for £5,000 by 29th March. As of 8th March £2,370, 42 Supporters

Fishy Filaments take used fishing nets and recycles the plastics contained in them to produce high value filament for use in 3D printing

Pledge £15 and get a 3D printed fishy keyfob
Pledge £30 and get a 3D printed boney mirror mascot
Pledge £100 and get to be a member of the panel of product testers

read more about Fishy Filaments crowdfunder page