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#BrightFuture - How Can We Improve Brighton?

Brighton based Architects ZSTa have come up with a great idea to help improve Brighton, called #BrightFuture is is all about using social media to help get bright ideas to make Brighton better. 

Recently ZSTa was on Ship Street with a City Sightseeing bus, and an interactive map to get people to suggest ideas. Read More

I was there as Bright Green Penguin, as I think this is a great idea, and want to support it and see what ideas people came up with

So here are some ideas I have to get this discussion going

Stay Health

using public spaces to encourage people to stay healthy 

Outdoor Spaces

from solar tree lights to public spaces where people can meet and relax to ways of using outdoor spaces to improve our lives

Green Buildings

roof gardens to green walls, how can we make the city greener


Sense of Play

public spaces shouldn't just be functional but also encourage a sense of play & creativity

People Power

using Pavgen tiles can create electricity, what other ways can we use ourselves to generate power

City and the Cyclist

cycle storage and bike lanes


how do we encourage people to reduce littering, and keep our streets clean. Is telling people off the wrong way?

What ideas do you have? What areas of Brighton would you improve. I will be updating this, and doing more blogs on this, so if you have any suggestions we can add them all together

Do you think Madeira Terraces redevelopment could be crowdfunded? What could be done with the West Pier? How can we encourage people to shop in Brighton? What about the Zip Line? 

Any ideas please send to