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Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform, and there are quite a few interesting projects, which are Brighton based

Fine Art Sculpture (Brighton): Our Degree Show 2017

Require £600 by 27th April, currently £283 with 13 backers

We are the third year sculpture students at the University of Brighton. Our year group is made up of 19 individuals. Our practices cover a huge range of different types of work, such as video and performance pieces to sculptures that involve smell. 

In June 2017 we will be exhibiting at Grand Parade with our final degree show. After numerous attempts of fundraising we are still not at our target. We have tried bake sales, clothes sales, cooking events a pantomime and a club night. So far we have reached about half of our target.

Thats why we need your help... The money kindly donated by you will go towards: 

-Communal materials used for building the exhibition space: Wall paint, floor paint, sand paper, wood, MDF
-An exhibition catalogue that offers some information about each artist and their work on display. This catalogue will be free to take home for anyone who visits the exhibition.
-A basic lunch for the volunteers who come to help build the exhibition. We cannot do it without their help.

The huge build starts at the beginning of May, and has to be finished by the 19th of May. The work is then marked. The exhibition opens for the public on SATURDAY 3RD OF JUNE. We appreciate any donation, even a small amount will go a long way.

check out our collective website to see our work 

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Myklops Cycling Rear View Mirror

Require £25,000 by 29th April, currently £1231 with 56 backers

The MyKlops rear view bicycle mirror is a must have for any cyclist and it’s so easy to use - you wear it on your wrist just like a watch. It has been developed with practicality, convenience, and above all, safety in mind.

The MyKlops is made from strong, lightweight plastic. It has two internal extending arms and, along with the rotating base, you can position the mirror to suit all cycling styles. The comfortable neoprene strap can be lengthened to fit over winter clothing and is easily removable for cleaning. 

MyKlops gives cyclists a clear view of what is behind them as soon as they put it around their wrist.

Being able to clearly see vehicles approaching you is a good thing, you should always be aware of your surroundings. Sure you can always turn your head and look over your shoulder, but it's not always safe and practical to do that! 

We believe that MyKlops is an essential accessory for cyclists, providing an additional field of rear view vision. It's strong, lightweight and comfortable to wear, due to the soft neoprene strap. 

Making small adjustments with your wrist, whilst holding the handlebars, can give you a much wider field of vision.

MyKlops is perfect for keeping an eye on your cycling partner, giving you peace of mind that they are safe and still behind you and giving them peace of mind that you've got your eye on them.

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Brighton Photo 2017 - Catalogue

Require £1500 by 4th May 2017, currently £1210 with 23 backers

"We are 42 final year photography students from the University of Brighton. Our last year is fast coming to an end and we are currently preparing for our final degree show in June. We are a diverse bunch working with many different formats of photography to convey our profound interest in the medium, from old process camera-less photography in the darkroom to working with the most current digital technology available to us, with a wide variety in between, both documentary and fine art based

Presently, we are all working hard on our final projects and ensuring that they will be completed to the highest of standards. At the same time as this we have been organising and designing the catalogue; which we would like to be an embodiment of the work in the exhibition. We want to give our work as much exposure as possible, sharing it with more than just our fellow artists - by producing the degree show catalogue we are creating the possibility for us to share our work with the outside world. We want to conclude our three years at university with a sense of pride in ourselves and in our work"

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HYBE - The 5-in-1 Shape-Shifting Convertible Bag

Require £5000 by 5th May, currently £3715 with 82 backers

Maybe you're packing for a long weekend away and wish to downsize to a smaller bag for strolling around once at your destination.

Maybe you need some extra space for that unexpected gift, and need to quickly upsize.

Maybe you just fancy a different fashion style, because you can!

Stress no more. A single bag comes to the rescue.

With hybe's patented convertible system, there's no excuse for not having the right bag for every occasion. Hybe transforms in shape, size and function to adapt to your day.


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Listen America! - Brighton Fringe May & June 2017

Require £500 by 5th May, currently £205 with 3 backers

Dr. Joel Sachs (Juilliard School, New York) will be directing young talented musicians in works he has chosen by John Cage, Earle Brown, Morton Feldman and Ruth Crawford Seeger.

This project provides an opportunity to all participants to perform innovative American music with a leading contemporary music conductor who knew personally several of the composers featured.

Performing Sculpture – Earle Brown's Calder Piece | TateShots

'Listen America!' brings over a century of great American music to Brighton & Hove, opening your ears to a New Found Land of idea and sound.

Support us in our drive to nurture bright young talented musicians whom we assist financially for this project.

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