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Lego Ideas 21309 NASA Apollo Saturn V & Lego Creator Carousel

Lego have revealed images of a couple of new sets, which are well worth checking out. One is a Lego Idea's set, which is over a year in development. The other is a new Lego Creator set

NASA Apollo Saturn V

Measuring over 1 meter high, and retailing at £109.99 with a 1st June 2017 release date is a icon of space exploration 

Saturn V was the rocket which put people on the Moon! The set splits into the three stages, and you also have the Moon lander, and three new astronaut microfighters

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Lego Carousel

Building a Lego Funfair, you have had a Ferris Wheel, and a Fairground Mixer and now you can add a Carousel. Arriving in June and priced at £159.99 and containing 2670 pieces, including 7 minigfigures.  I love the animal rides,

This is the 3rd Lego Carousel set I am aware of, one previous set released in 2009, which was bigger with 3263 pieces. Then there was a small carousel in the 2013 Winter Village Market set

See Set on the Lego Website Here