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My Lego Dream List - Marvel Sets

This is going to be the first of a series of posts devoted to what Lego sets I love to see on the shelves  

One of the themes I love to collect is Marvel Superheroes, as always been a fan of the comics since I was a kid, and now love the movies & the TV series. Lego have produced a lot Marvel Superhero sets & included a lot of different characters but I still feel there are some major characters missing 


Hell's Kitchen

featuring Daredevil / Elektra / Punisher   

This set would feature part of a pitch roof top, with a gargoyle on top of it, which Daredevil can stand on top. Roof sitting on top of a building, which has a stain glass window. And next to the pitch roof top is a flat roof 


I know this set is unlikely as the stained glass window is very religious and Lego usually stays away from that, and Punisher may be too violent a character as well. 

Though I hope Daredevil will make a set one day, as they did include him in the Marvel Super Heroes video game


Kingpin Rules the City

featuring Yellow Daredevil / Kingpin / Bullseye / Spider-Man  

A bigger street scene, featuring a couple of buildings, along with a road. One of the buildings could have an office for Kingpin, and I imagine Lego building a bike for Bullseye. But I would like more detailed exteriors, for both display purposes and in terms of play you can create street battles

Maybe a court house, something grand or more regular shops/apartments 


In the video games, they have made a Kingpin, Bullseye and a Yellow Daredevil, and Spider-Man would be the figure to give it a more mass appeal