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Brighton Bricks Shop Window Competition

Lego Shop Window Competition

I run Brighton Bricks an adult fan of Lego group and have an idea of a Lego Shop Window Competition to do sometime this year


The idea is shops in North Laine area of Brighton have a Lego Minifigure hidden in their shop window, we then encourage people to hunt for these figures, and mark down on a form which shop has the Batman figure in it etc.


This is a way to raise awareness of both Brighton Bricks as well as shops in the local area, which hopefully encourage people to visit your shop


At the moment it is an idea stage but want to know what shops maybe interested in taking part


Also if each shop could donate a very small amount we should have enough money to buy some good Lego Sets which could be prizes


If this is successful we could run it again, either in same area or different part of Brighton / Hove  


You can check out Brighton Bricks on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram  

Share Your Story: The Bright Green Penguin Story so far

Share Your Story: The Bright Green Penguin Story so far

As you may know, I started Share Your Story's Live A Good Story back in Jan, and have been working on it ever since (missed Feb meet up due to family emergency) & March meet is coming up soon

In preparation for that, want to think what I want to achieve, my three goals were

1. Finding a job in Brighton

2. Setting up a project for Bright Green Penguin (will be known as BGP from now on)

3. Looking into setting up BGP so I could earn an living from it

and here is how they are going 

1. Not going well at the moment. Partially feel I'm either too experienced or not enough experience. 

2. Deciding between using the Lego show I am doing already, or more of a BGP idea

Weirdly I think picking the Lego show as a cheat, as something I'm already doing. Also I feel I need to do something as BGP, something to make people aware of what I do. The Lego show is happening in May at Dice Saloon. Have a few non Lego related ideas

My two original non Lego ideas are a BGP map, a foldable map which features on certain area, championing the creatives,  charities, community groups, supporting local shops. Sort of make it a map/magazine

The other idea is a Doing Good board game / card game / iSpy book. Wanting something to encourage people to do good, recognising Good behaviour

3. This is the big problem, as I can't seem to decide on what I could do. Part of this problem is not being able to focus on what BGP is all about.

Or should I be focusing on Brighton Bricks. Lego is something I love, but just doing BB feels like I missing out on all the great stuff BGP does.

Even though I have been doing BGP a few years now, I'm still not sure what it is, and I think that is why I feel take up has been so slow on this. I have a quite a few followers on Twitter but don't feel I have had any real impact on my the world

Also think I go from one idea to another, like a magpie & cant focus on one thing. Maybe you this is something I need to change, or embrace

So need to focused on what BGP should be about, what I want it to achieve. I know the main thing is I want to expend it from being just me to a bigger thing, to working with others

*BGP career ideas*


Running people's social media accounts

Selling other people's creative work

Running / Hosting events

Creating my own products

*Brighton Brick ideas*

Selling Lego sets / Lego related items

Organising Lego events for kids

Organising Lego events for businesses, team building, problem solving etc

Custom Lego printing

Setting up a BB shop / cafe


So I hope to have for the next Live A Good Story ideas of what I could do


If anyone has any ideas / suggestions would be great to hear

42: Meaning of my Life

On 24th of Feb (tomorrow) I will be 42, and as we know from Douglas Adam's Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the meaning of life is 42. What is the question is unknown. 

So from 24th Feb 2017 to 23rd Feb 2018 I will be attempting to work out the meaning of life. Well not quite, I will be looking at the meaning of MY life. I will be looking at how I can improve my life, looking at what I enjoy, look at what I could do more of. Reducing my bad habits, making better use of my time. All in the aim to creating version 43 of myself.

So I have a list of 42 things I want to do, and will be charting my progress for the whole year on how I go.

If anyone has any suggestions or able to help me on this journey let me know 

In no particular order

1. Read 42 Books 

2. Build 42 Lego Sets

3. Give Out 42 Homeless Care Packages 

4. Go on The Dad Course 

5. Play 42 Game Sessions 

6. Learn to Draw

7. Have 42 weeks of walking at least 60,000 steps a week 

8. Do 42 laps of BHT Around the World Challenge 

9. Get 4,200 Twitter Followers as BGP

10. See 42 films in the cinema 

11. Run 42 Times 

12. Give away 42 unwanted items 

13. Sell as Brighton Bricks 

14. Complete Live A Good Story course

15. Complete 42 blog posts not including blog post about this 42 Challenge 

16. Hold Lego show at Dice Saloon

17. Hold Lego Fire Walk event 

18. Interview 42 people for BGP

19. Register Brighton Bricks as a LUG

20. Get a job based in Brighton 

21. Have 42 blog posts from other people on BGP

22. Go to at least 42 Exhibitions / Sporting Events / Shows / Gigs etc 

23. Cook 42 meals from scratch

24. Think of a cool hashtag to join this all up

25. Learn A Magic Trick 

26. 42 Random Acts of Kindness

27. Raise money for charity 

28. Have a popup store 

29. Interview 42 people for BGP / BB 

30. Be A Dad 

31. Produce a BGP Plan for the future 

32. Produce a Bright Bricks Plan for the future 

33. Look at what I do to waste time & how I can make use of this. What is my definition of wasting time

35. Start book swapping 

36. Walk More

37. Explore more 

38. Do, not just talk 

39. Sort out my storage unit, in an effort to discover my past (and be more organised)

40. Enjoy life, smile more, laugh more. Ensure I know what is important to me 

41. Keep revisiting this list & updating / changing where needed. This is a tool for me to improve my life, not a tick list or something to beat myself about if I don't achieve something 

And finally  

42. Re-Read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy to discover the meaning of life (if I don't have time for the book, check out the classic TV series, which is amazing. Should check out the radio series as never heard that. Did see the stageshow a few years ago

2017 for Bright Green Penguin

What has 2017 planned for Bright Green Penguin

Last year I applied for Share Your Story's Live A Good Life award & managed to get a place. This award gives me a place on their program, which is all about helping people tell a good life story.

My application was about Bright Green Penguin, and how I want to transform it, make it better. So going to use this blog post to think about some of my ideas

First off, what is the purpose of Bright Green Penguin (BGP). I wanted to do something to help improve the world. I never know what impact I have, if I have any at all but I still do this because I believe the world can only get better if everyone makes an impact not matter how small it is.

How do I want to make the world a better place? By sharing, promoting, championing great ideas, creatives, community initiatives which I hope may inspire other people. Like buying from local shops through the great #justacard campaign. Or volunteering while getting fit with Good Gym

So what do I want to achieve 2017?

I want to make BGP more real, not just a Twitter & Facebook account


Ideas I have include

  • Offering pay as you feel consultancy
  • Setting up networking events
  • Become an online store or sell local designers crafts at Art Fairs / Craft Fairs
  • Looking at what recycling options I can offer
  • Creating a game which helps promote the three Cs of BGP - creative, charity & community
  • Create a hub where people can share ideas
  • Offer a connection service, i.e. if you are a company looking for a charity to support, or a community project looking for sponsors
  • Create an leaflet / map promoting the local shops & community projects which need supporting

Plus also I will be developing Brighton Bricks, my adult fan of Lego group.

If anyone has any other ideas or suggestions please let me know at




Bright Green Penguin's 2016 Review

Wow, what a year 2016 has been. What with Brexit, Trump and the seeming endless list of celebrities who died it doesn't appear to be a good year. BUT I want to focus on what I think was good about 2016.

Favourite Highlight of the Year

The South Coast Challenge. Walking 100km / 60 miles in 24 hours 22 mins was the main highlight of the year. Especially raising £1461.03 for the great Sussex charity RISE.
Walking from Eastbourne starting early morning, along the cliffs at Beachy Head, and then along the South Downs to Brighton, and the half way point in Hove, where we had food and set off again with headtorches for the 2nd half where you were walking through the night, until you reached Arundel.

Highlights include

  • The beautiful scenery of the South Coast
  • Joining up with another Nick for the 2nd half, who really helped me when walking through the night.  
  • The amazing support from people, on the walk, as well as friends and family before and during.
  • The amazing support from RISE and giving me the cool orange hoodie
  • The training walks, getting to discover Sussex, as well as listening to lots of great podcasts

Favourite Podcast

The Cycling Podcast - All about cycling, and having been a Tour de France fan for years, this has really help me expand my knowledge about this great sport. Hosted by three journalists and some friends, they give a friendly and enthusatic telling of the news and issues in the cycling world. Also by donating £10 a year you can become a friend of the podcast and have access to special podcasts. Some of the 2016 highlights include Ep2 The Rise and Demise of HTC-High Road, Ep 7 Operacion Puerto: The Day the Tour Almost Died, and E8 Mount Ventoux: Heat, Wind & Fear. Read More. Available via iTunes

A few other favourite podcasts

  • Serial
  • This is Not A Fish 

Favourite Films of 2016

Things That Prove Life in 2017 Will Be Better Than We Thought

  • Library of Things - Friendly space in West Norwood where you can borrow, share and learn with your community. Read More
  • Share Your Story - Not for profit group in Brighton and Hove providing a space to hear people's stories, to inspire us to live better ones ourselves. Read More
  • Foodshed Cook & Creche Course - Foodshed running courses for families who want to learn how to cook, whilst their children play in the next room. Read More
  • Brighton Etsy Team - One of my highlights was the Brighton Etsy Christmas Market at the Corn Exchange in Dec. If you are a creative, and on Etsy but don't follow them, then do so now. Read More
  • City Reads - Promoting shared reading across communities in Brighton and Hove. Read More
  • The People's Fridge - Community Fridge in Brixton where people can give and take spare food. Read More about them on Twitter
  •  #justacard - a Brilliant twitter campaign to encourage people to support local shops & independent creatives 
  • #Bright50 & #BrightFuture Campagin by ZSTa an architect firm based in Brighton, all about how we can improve our city  

Favourite Articles of 2016

Some of my favourite articles/news stories I shared via Twitter/Facebook this year, and via my Flipboard book

  • Artist Turns A Cement Mixer Into A Giant Disco Ball - via Bored Panda. Read More
  • The Good Gym appear on the BBC. Read More
  • 6p a Minute Cafe - via BBC. Read More
  • Artist wearing every piece of trash he creates for 30 days. See More
  • Brighton For Nerds (featuring my Brighton Bricks) via We Love Brighton. Read More
  • 7 Things To Say To Young Girls That Isn't About Them Being Cute - via Buzzfeed. Read More
  • Street Pantry Invites People to Leave Goods for Those in Need - via Huffington Post. Read More
  • Haircuts for the Homeless - via BBC. Read More
  • Host A Silent Reading Party - via Book Riot. Read More

Favourite TV Shows of 2016

Comic Book

One of the things I have got back into this year is comic books, and below are some of the series I have enjoyed.

And a few other highlights 

  • Heroes Run - I ran this race as The Flash this year. Race is raising money for education projects in Africa. A rest in 2017 but will be back for 2018. Read More
  • Lou Reed's Drones - part of Brighton Festival. Read More
  • World Book Night - I gave out books as part of a care package to rough sleepers in Brighton. Read More about World Book Night

#Bright50 The Future of Brighton & Hove

#Bright50 is Bright Ideas to Making Brighton Better. This idea has started from ZST Architects, a local firm who encourage sustainable and ecological design principles as part of their work flow. Having worked on regeneration projects in the area they wanted to get ideas from visitors and residents about what they wanted to improve in the city and then use their contacts to start a conversation

So if you on Twitter share your ideas with the hashtag #Bright50 and be part of the change

They are looking to get a portfolio of Bright Ideas together to display in September. 

I have been thinking of ideas myself, everything from specific places to more general concepts on how we can improve public spaces. Have created a ideas board on Pinterest - check it out here

I will be adding to this post with the questions I am thinking about, but here are a few of my thoughts

How can we make spaces social and interactive
But also how can we allow spaces for all people, regardless of age, sex, class, etc
What about space which allow shy people to interact
Can we use space to encourage people to recycle
Let's show how important play / creativity is, and encourage all people to take part


World Book Night Homeless Care Packages

Tomorrow, Saturday 23rd April I will be delivering the homeless care packages I have created with the help of some very generous donations  

Masato London - Fashion Brand

Raw The Band - Musicians

Rise UK - Domestic Abuse Charity

Oatopia - Organic Porridge & Homemade Flapjacks outside Brighton Station

and the book I am donating is from World Book Night, a initiative which encourages people to read 

I will be going around Brighton handing out the packages, and any packages left over I will be giving them out over the following weeks, months. 

So far inside the care packages I have:

Deodorant, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Water, Snack Bars, Wet Wipes, Socks, Space Blankets, Water Ponchos, Toilet Paper and w have Sani Products as well.   

And of course we have Last Bus to Coffeeville by J Paul Henderson. 

One possible idea is to create a homeless library, where we can create a network of books, which can be shared around. So if anyone has any ideas / suggestions on how we could start this please let me know 

Social Landscapes - Permaculture Design Course

April 9th 2016 to July 24th 2016, 7 weekends + 2 optional Design Clinics and 2 optional Permablitzes (practical Permaculture days) linked to the curriculum of the course.

The Permaculture Design Course is a 72-hour inspiring and often life-changing course, accredited by the UK Permaculture Association. Over the period of 7 weekends we will explore practical and creative solutions for building resilient communities and designing abundant eco-systems. We will discover how we can work with, rather than against nature to fulfil our human needs whilst caring for the earth and the people. The course has a strong practical emphasis on ecological and social design thinking and how this can be applied in different parts of our life and society.

Dates and Venues
The course will be held on the following days:


April 9th & 10th
Design & PrinciplesTreadwell

April 23rd & 24th
Soil & Food SystemsSutton Community Farm & Treadwell

May 8th
Optional Design Clinic Treadwell

May 14th & 15th
Self & CommunityThe Quadrangle Trust, Kent (residential) – tbc

May 28th & 29th
Water & TreesTreadwell

June 11th
Optional Permablitz - tbc

June 18th & 19th
Shelter & EnergyTreadwell & other – tbc

July 2nd
Optional Design Clinic Treadwell

July 9th & 10th
Livelihood & Transition Treadwell & Brixton Remakery

July 23rd & 24th
Presentations & Celebration Treadwell

September 3rd
Optional Permablitz – Reunion Treadwell Close

To receive the certificate, there is a requirement of making at least 11 of the 14 days, including the first two and the last two on which participants will present their designs.

The main venue is Treadwell (SW2 3TL), a semi-detached home in Streatham Hill that is being transformed into a living example for urban Permaculture Design. This location will allow us to design and explore real and practical solutions for our everyday lives in an urban environment, including small space food growing, community and human scale water and energy systems.

We will also visit different venues in South London on various days of the course. These will include the Brixton Remakery, the community orchard and allotment in Hillside Gardens ParkThe Quadrangle Trust in Kent, the CSA project Sutton Community Farm and more (tbc)…

We will spend one weekend at the Quadrangle Trust exploring health and wellbeing, community building, deep ecology and connection to the natural world. The Quadrangle Trust is an inspiring space for the exploration of ecology, conservation, spirituality and creative education and has sustainable building features, gardens and a forest garden. It is situated in an idyllic setting in the Darent Valley close to Shoreham in Kent and easy to get to from London.

Lead tutor will be Michel Thill.

Michel has lived in a number of places around the world including at eco-villages and a Permaculture Education Centre in Asia. Such experiences allowed him to explore the relationship between inner and outer resilience, personal transformation as well as the creation of community and environmental sustainability. He now lives and works in London where he teaches Permaculture Design and runs various community and food growing projects. It is Michel’s vision to create an urban example of a regenerative and restorative, life sustaining and flourishing culture, connecting people to each other and the more than human. Inspired by Permaculture principles and the Ecovillage Design Education, he is currently developing a social enterprise project which seeks to create such micro-cultures within London through reinventing our neighbourhoods.

Co-facilitator will be Tish Vail who has been working as an interior designer for many year and is integrating her professional design experience and spiritual practice with permaculture design.

Other guest teachers likely to include (details following and tbc): Duncan Law, chair and co-founder of Transition Town Brixton; Linda Royles, founder and manager of Cob in the Community; Ros Bedlow, co-founder of Transition Leytonstone, pioneering the recent Permaculture for Transition courses, Hanna Lewis, co-founder and director of the Brixton Remakery.

What the course will cover

Much of the Permaculture Design Course is focused around our most fundamental human needs. The design methodology and the Permaculture principles that are thought can be used by anyone and be integrated in any job or life situation, not only gardening. You will learn about the Permaculture way of learning, building community, organising people, setting up businesses – all of that inspired by the example of the natural world. The day topics above a guideline and not all there is.

Topics covered on the course include, but are not limited to:

• Ethics and principles of Permaculture
• Design process and methodology
• Soil structure, ecology and land regeneration
• Trees and woodland management
• Cultivated ecology: gardens and farms
• Community development and organisation
• Personal health and healthy societies
• Building effective learning groups
• Real wealth, money and sustainable exchange
• Urban challenges and urban permaculture, including retrofitting
• Energy conservation and renewable energy
• Transition Towns and transition livelihood

Each weekend includes theory and some practical hands on stuff like building a worm compost, a haybox cooker or using clay as a building material. There will be plenty of design time for each participant’s personal design and for a bigger group design, both of which will be presented on the last two days of the course. During these design sessions you will have the opportunity to integrate the things you learn during the course and you will have support from the tutors. There are optional design clinics and practical permaculture days planned. We will let you know about various useful resources and share those on an online learning platform encouraging you to build action learning groups with other course participants to support each other through learning, sharing, trying out and reflecting.

What do past participants say?

“The course was a fantastic learning process and a truly enjoyable experience. The tutors were very knowledgeable and transmitted Permaculture as an approach to living, thinking, doing, making and being. The ethics, principles and thinking tools of Permaculture have become a new mindset.” – Raquel, PhD student in Food Policy

“An inspirational personal growth adventure that I would recommend to everyone. The urban PDC is particularly useful for building practice into your daily lives and offers a response to many issues that we are facing whilst building a supportive family and community of Permaculture practisers to encourage future creativity. The tutors are the warmest and exciting people and Treadwell is a space of calm, enthusiasm and mindfulness. “ – Sam

“Studying the Permaculture method within an urban context was both empowering and thought-provoking. Presented with such realistic opportunities for positive change within the confines of the city and studying with likeminded people was extremely heartwarming. The mixture of practical and theory along with passionate teachers and guest speakers plus a variety of venues kept my interest and allowed for genuine integration of the teachings. I’m well prepared for continued use of the Permaculture tools and happily supported by the community that I’m now a part of, I cannot recommend this course enough.” – Zoe, Finance Assistant at Comic Relief

Registration and Price

For more information and to register contact Mich – 07901036220 – The course is offered on a sliding scale according to income to make it affordable of everyone. Payment by instalments is also possible. Early bird rates if paid in full before January 15th 2016.

Income below £15000pa – £380 – Early Bird £360

Income between £15000 and 25000pa – £540 – Early Bird £510

Income more than £25000pa – £720 – Early Bird £680

Course fee includes 14 days of course tuition and one residential weekend at which food is provided. On all other days, participants are asked to bring lunch to share. Tea and refreshments will be provided.

Please click here to see our Cancellation & Refund Policy.

Hummingbird Project - Crowdfunding Appeal to Help Refugees in Calais

See below post from The Hummingbird Project, a large group of Activists from Brighton who support Refugees in Calais, Dunkirk, and locally in Brighton have a crowd funding campaign to help them carry out their work

Read below to find out what they have been working on.

The kindness of our Donors has allowed us to build a medical clinic in the "Jungle" in Calais, which we run every weekend with our Hummingbird Doctors and Nurses. We also have volunteers who run a tea kitchen serving over 1000 hot drinks every weekend in either Calais or Dunkirk camps.

We will be soon launching an Art and Wellbeing Safe Space in the centre of the Jungle. This will be a place for people to keep warm, dry and and engage in creative and comforting activities.

We have a group of 200+ builders who are a big force locally, as well as in the camps of Dunkirk and Calais. Our builders lead the way in building shelters for refugees, and help maintain the upkeep of existing shelters. We also help provide essential fire safety equipment in the camp, and have delivered 235 fire extinguishers, to date.

Locally, Hummingbirds are launching campaigns and are busy using art as a form of peaceful activism and protest. We are often making banners, we make ‘Refugees Welcome’ Poster Campaigns, and use installations to raise awareness of human rights and remind the public of the conditions in the camps.

The Hummingbirds alongside Children of Calais are supporting Brighton Voices in Exile in supplying emergency aid to refugees that have just arrived in East Sussex.

Caroline Lucas and Keith Taylor of the Green Party have both sent letters of support to the Hummingbirds for all their dedication to working in solidarity with refugees.

The money raised will go on the overall running costs of the projects which can include (but is not exhaustive) refugee aid, medical supplies, travel expenses and volunteer expenses.



Job Post - Personal Trainer/Running Coach/Community Leader for GoodGym

Use your fitness skills to make the world a better place

See below for a job advert in the Guardian for a Personal Trainer/Running Coach/Community Leader for the GoodGym. Having past involvement with them when I was at London, I highly recommend them, they do amazing work. With the group runs, as well as having the coach runs, where you are paired with an isolated elderly person, and you run to them once a week. See below for what GoodGym is about, and what the role entails

GoodGym is a growing community of runners who get fit by doing good. We shift earth instead of weights and run to do good instead of running on treadmills.

We employ the best trainers and running coaches in the UK and make a difference to thousands of people’s lives. If you’re amazing at what you do, passionate about running and care about the world around you, we want you to be a GoodGym trainer.

About GoodGym
GoodGym is a leading social enterprise that channels the energy wasted during exercise into social good. We connect runners, or those who want to get fit, with physical tasks which benefit their community. GoodGym has been cited by leading fitness industry bodies as important fitness innovation, it is is described as having a real impact by the Prime Minister. GoodGym aims to operate in every city in the UK.

What’s involved?
As a GoodGym Trainer, you’ll be responsible for the success of GoodGym in your area: Organising and running weekly group runs (examples available on our website)

  • Getting new people involved
  • Developing the fitness of members
  • You’ll be part of a growing team of trainers and you can work from home or from our central London office.

Core skills:

  • Experienced running coach or personal training qualification.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Good computer and social media skills.

We have plans to be in every city in the UK over the next 3 years. At the moment we are actively recruiting in the following areas:

Barnet (London)
Croydon (London)
Ealing (London)
ammersmith & Fulham (London)
Greenwich (London)
Richmond (London)
Redbridge (London)
London - roaming trainer delivering weekly sessions across various boroughs

However if you are located elsewhere and would like to be involved in GoodGym's expansion please make contact and make it clear on your application where you are based.

Working Hours
Flexible 10 - 16 hours / week, including one evening run/week

Apart from 3 hours leading runs a week, work can be done flexibly from a computer.

£9,000 per year, £750 a month. Monthly freelance contract.

How to apply
Apply Online
Send a CV and cover letter telling us why you would make GoodGym successful in your chosen area. Use the button below to apply and use the subject line “Trainer Application” and the name of the area you'd like to work in. Attending a GoodGym run is strongly encouraged (upcoming runs are listed on GoodGym's website). Please demonstrate that you understand what GoodGym does in your cover letter or you are highly unlikely to get an interview.

This recruitment process is being run in collaboration with OurParks, a leading provider of free park-based exercise sessions.  You may be contacted by a member of OurParks following your application.  If you do not want to be considered for a role as an OurParks trainer, please indicate in your cover letter.

Applications closing date
Monday 1st February, 11.59pm.

Interview dates and process
Applicants will be required to attend a sit down interview, complete a short online exercise and lead a practical fitness session.

The fitness session will be a short run, without a GoodGym task. It'll be a chance to see you and the other candidates in a more practical way. You'll be asked to demonstrate a running drill. This drill should 10 minutes, but it's not about the length, rather a chance for you to show us your style.

Interviews and fitness sessions will take place in the week commencing 22nd February so please ensure you are available on these dates and state in your application if for any reason you cannot be available.