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42: Meaning of my Life

On 24th of Feb (tomorrow) I will be 42, and as we know from Douglas Adam's Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the meaning of life is 42. What is the question is unknown. 

So from 24th Feb 2017 to 23rd Feb 2018 I will be attempting to work out the meaning of life. Well not quite, I will be looking at the meaning of MY life. I will be looking at how I can improve my life, looking at what I enjoy, look at what I could do more of. Reducing my bad habits, making better use of my time. All in the aim to creating version 43 of myself.

So I have a list of 42 things I want to do, and will be charting my progress for the whole year on how I go.

If anyone has any suggestions or able to help me on this journey let me know 

In no particular order

1. Read 42 Books 

2. Build 42 Lego Sets

3. Give Out 42 Homeless Care Packages 

4. Go on The Dad Course 

5. Play 42 Game Sessions 

6. Learn to Draw

7. Have 42 weeks of walking at least 60,000 steps a week 

8. Do 42 laps of BHT Around the World Challenge 

9. Get 4,200 Twitter Followers as BGP

10. See 42 films in the cinema 

11. Run 42 Times 

12. Give away 42 unwanted items 

13. Sell as Brighton Bricks 

14. Complete Live A Good Story course

15. Complete 42 blog posts not including blog post about this 42 Challenge 

16. Hold Lego show at Dice Saloon

17. Hold Lego Fire Walk event 

18. Interview 42 people for BGP

19. Register Brighton Bricks as a LUG

20. Get a job based in Brighton 

21. Have 42 blog posts from other people on BGP

22. Go to at least 42 Exhibitions / Sporting Events / Shows / Gigs etc 

23. Cook 42 meals from scratch

24. Think of a cool hashtag to join this all up

25. Learn A Magic Trick 

26. 42 Random Acts of Kindness

27. Raise money for charity 

28. Have a popup store 

29. Interview 42 people for BGP / BB 

30. Be A Dad 

31. Produce a BGP Plan for the future 

32. Produce a Bright Bricks Plan for the future 

33. Look at what I do to waste time & how I can make use of this. What is my definition of wasting time

35. Start book swapping 

36. Walk More

37. Explore more 

38. Do, not just talk 

39. Sort out my storage unit, in an effort to discover my past (and be more organised)

40. Enjoy life, smile more, laugh more. Ensure I know what is important to me 

41. Keep revisiting this list & updating / changing where needed. This is a tool for me to improve my life, not a tick list or something to beat myself about if I don't achieve something 

And finally  

42. Re-Read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy to discover the meaning of life (if I don't have time for the book, check out the classic TV series, which is amazing. Should check out the radio series as never heard that. Did see the stageshow a few years ago