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City Reuse Depot Urgently Needs Your Help

The City Reuse Depot did a campaign earlier this year and raised over £11k to set up a Reuse centre in Brighton, using 8 shipping containers. 

Due to issues with finding these shipping containers a permanent home, they are currently in a temporary space and need to be moved ASAP

Can you help to (urgently) find land or a building in Brighton and Hove?

Land requirements for shipping containers

  • Vehicle access to site (preferably 7 days a week)
  • Level or able to be levelled site.
  • Each container needs minimum 7.5m x 2.5m x 2.5m of space.
  • 8 shipping containers need minimum  7.5m x 20m but ideally 12m x 32m (height requirement is 2.5m)
  • Within city boundaries (Shoreham to Saltdean and between coast and A27)
  • some sites will require special permissions for the containers - this needs to be in place already as it takes time and money to get those permissions...and we do not have time on our side.

Or Buildings that could used as a CRD (in the event that we sell all the containers)

  • Ground level access to space ina building 
  • Easy vehicle access
  • Preferably ‘open space’ as opposed to rooms or complex layouts
  • Weatherproof
  • does not have to have electricity (though it would be nice)
  • Within city boundaries (Shoreham to Saltdean and between coast and A27)
  • agricultural or industrial buildings most likely options

The greatest priority is to find land THIS WEEK so containers can be moved THIS MONTH.

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