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New Funko Pops Coming Up

I am a big Funko Pop fan, and there are a host of new figures coming out soon, so I thought I give you all heads up

All of these Funko Pops can be bought from

31st May
Deadpool - Foolkiller
Teen Titans - Raven Red
Star Wars - Ree Yees
Ghostbusters - Rowan's Ghost
Ghostbusters - Kevin
Ghostbusters - Gertrude Eldridge
Ghostbusters - Erin Gilbert
Alice Through the Looking Glass - Iracebeth
Alice Through the Looking Glass - Young Chessur
Alice Through the Looking Glass - Mad Hatter
World of Warcraft - Durotan

30th June
Game of Thrones - Bloody Jon Snow
Ferris Buller's Day Off - Dancing Ferris Bueller
Ferris Buller's Day Off - Cameron Frye
Golden Girls - Sophia
Golden Girls - Rose
Golden Girls - Blanche
Golden Girls - Dorothy
Star Wars - Snap Wexley
Star Wars - General Hux
Star Wars - Bearded Luke
Finding Dory - Dory
Flash Gordon - Prince Vultan
Flash Gordon - Ming the Merciless
Flash Gordon - General Klytus
Flash Gordon - Flash Gordon
DC Heroes - Joker 1966 Surf's Up
DC Heroes - Batman 1966 Surf's UP
Marvel Heroes - Doctor Strange
Marvel Heroes - Spider Gwen

31st July
Hanna  Barbera - Space Ghost
Disney - Pete's Dragon
Scott Pilgram vs The World - Scott Pilgrim
Scott Pilgram vs The World - Ramona Flowers
Ghostbusters - Ecto 1 & Jillian Holtzmann
DC Heroes - Batgirl Imposter Poison Ivy
DC Heroes - Batman Imposter Two-Face
DC Heroes - Batman Imposter Penguin
Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory - Augustas Gloop
Presidential Campaign 2016 - Donald Trump
Presidential Campaign 2016 - Bernie Sanders
Presidential Campaign 2016 - Hillary Clinton

31st August
Star Wars - Battle Final Scene Rey
Aliens - Alien Queen
Aliens - Ellen Ripley

And some of the other cool recent figures

Deadpool - Pirate
Fallout - Female Power Armour
WWE - Bella Twins Alternate Costume Set
Secret Life of Pets - Snowball
DC Heroes - Supergirl
DC Heroes - Firestorm
Doctor Who - K-9
Harry Potter - Sorting Hat Harry Potter
Sesame Street - Big Bird
Pac-Man - Blue Ghost
DC Heroes - Swamp Thing Flocked
WWE - Daniel Bryan
Monty Python Holy Grail - Black Knight Flesh
Futurama - Professor Farnsworth


Dr Who & Lego: An Adventure in Bricks

Doctor Who is coming to Lego, and as both a Lego geek and a Dr Who fan this is a time I can't wait for.

This is the blog post from Lego Ideas announcing the new set coming out 1st Dec 2015

Looks amazing doesn't it? This set was chosen from the Lego Ideas, which if you not aware is a site which allows fans to submit projects, and if it gets 10k votes, it has the possibility of being turned into a real set. Previous Lego Ideas sets have included Ecto 1 from Ghostbusters, the Big Bang Theory, Exo-Suit by Peter Reid, A collection of birds.

This was the set which got the 10k votes,


Quite a few projects were submitted after Lego announced it was now accepting projects. Previously Character Building had the licence, thus there was no point in submitting ideas. I am not normally a fan of non Lego based mini figures but I did have to get this!

I think Doctor Who was always in Lego plans, as the Doctor is making an appearance in the new Lego Dimensions game

I think this is an theme, which has so much potential with Lego, they have all the old Doctors in the video game, so it is only time when actually mini figures and sets get released either via its own theme or via Lego Dimensions

To me it is the perfect match, the interesting thing is will it just appeal to people like me, AFOLs who grew up watching Dr Who as a kid, or will the kids of today like the idea of building their own Tardis. I hope so.

Now just a selection of pictures of what happens when fans of Lego and Dr Who combine