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My #FunkoPop Collection

My current collecting craze is Funk Pop Vinyls, and the biggest reason why I love them is because of the some many different pop culture range of figures from Dr Who to Start Wars to Alien to Dumbo

So see below for my collection so far

Dr Who & Lego: An Adventure in Bricks

Doctor Who is coming to Lego, and as both a Lego geek and a Dr Who fan this is a time I can't wait for.

This is the blog post from Lego Ideas announcing the new set coming out 1st Dec 2015

Looks amazing doesn't it? This set was chosen from the Lego Ideas, which if you not aware is a site which allows fans to submit projects, and if it gets 10k votes, it has the possibility of being turned into a real set. Previous Lego Ideas sets have included Ecto 1 from Ghostbusters, the Big Bang Theory, Exo-Suit by Peter Reid, A collection of birds.

This was the set which got the 10k votes,


Quite a few projects were submitted after Lego announced it was now accepting projects. Previously Character Building had the licence, thus there was no point in submitting ideas. I am not normally a fan of non Lego based mini figures but I did have to get this!

I think Doctor Who was always in Lego plans, as the Doctor is making an appearance in the new Lego Dimensions game

I think this is an theme, which has so much potential with Lego, they have all the old Doctors in the video game, so it is only time when actually mini figures and sets get released either via its own theme or via Lego Dimensions

To me it is the perfect match, the interesting thing is will it just appeal to people like me, AFOLs who grew up watching Dr Who as a kid, or will the kids of today like the idea of building their own Tardis. I hope so.

Now just a selection of pictures of what happens when fans of Lego and Dr Who combine