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Enjoying Diversity in Lambeth Event
12:00 PM12:00

Enjoying Diversity in Lambeth Event

Sat 16th April 12-9pm @ Windrush Square, Brixton

‘Bringing our Community Together in Diversity' in association along with Brixton Come Together presents a series of events and festivals in music, film activism, photography, natural therapeutic body healing, literature and gastronomy in good food within our communities of Lambeth. 

The community events and festivals is an opportunity to promote ‘Diversity' in our cultures, ethnicity, beliefs and gender in our local communities of Lambeth area and host a variety of opportunities to trade, volunteer, partnerships and inspire visitors, residents and communities of Lambeth.

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Fermentation Workshop: The Lab - Experiments in Culinary Dissidence
7:00 PM19:00

Fermentation Workshop: The Lab - Experiments in Culinary Dissidence

Hosted by Octopus Alchemy

Come to our second workshop of the season! A radical laboratory for the community! A co-created space where we can play with ideas, perspectives and most importantly, our food!

Our experiments begin with a good natter on the politics of our health and food, developing into a juicy line up of new and innovative demonstrations to supercharge your own fermentin' potential and to get your kitchen off to a banging start in 2016.

The practical segment of the workshop will be where we try to animate our recent crowdfunding objectives. As a group we'll work with an array of different ingredients intercepted on their way to landfill - coming together to utilize our new fermentin' toolkit to produce a distinct and quirky product that will be redistributed sometime later when it's reached a fine potency!

What to expect:

A fast paced 40min presentation on the 'politics of fermentation'.

A line up of interactive demonstrations that teach you creative ways to ferment, using both dry-salting and brining techniques! 


A practical session where you get to put your new found skills to use in puzzling out an appropriate way to ferment our most recent haul of intercepted veg! 

Take a portion home with you!

A bloody good time!

Need more inspiration?

Check out our crowdfunder:

Check out our politics:

Check out other people's workshop experiences: &

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Permaculture Design Course Info Evening
5:45 PM17:45

Permaculture Design Course Info Evening

  • 5 Tredwell Road London, SE27 0LG United Kingdom (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Concerned about the state of the world? Climate change? Want to do something about it… just not sure what?

Starting in April 2016, we are going to do just that on our Full Permaculture Design Course by exploring how we can sustainably meet our needs for food, water, shelter, companionship using permaculture design.  We will be looking at retrofitting a normal home in South London and visit a number of other permaculture projects in the area.


Come along to a free INFO EVENING to find out more.

Venue is a Home in Streatham Hill, 5 Tredwell Close, SW2 3TL London.

Arrive at 5.45

Start 6.00

We’ll explore what Permaculture is and why you may want to join a Permaculture Design Course. We’ll discuss the opportunities that Permaculture brings, hearing stories from past participants. There is space for questions and answers. You will find out about the course that we are organising as well as other opportunities to learn about Permaculture.

End of info session 7:30

Stay on for a cup of tea and a chat

Please let me know wether you’re coming –

Look forward to seeing you and your friends there

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'Lost & Found' at Silo
6:00 PM18:00

'Lost & Found' at Silo

'Lost & Found' at Silo.

Join them on Sunday 14th February for a unique Valentine’s day tasting menu prepared from ingredients lost and found.

Sample Menu: 
-Silo's Sourdough
-Cured Rainbow Trout, Pickled Dulce & Dill Emulsion
-Knepp Castle Venison, Heirloom Carrots & Douglas Fir Pine Needles
-Lemon Posset & Pickled Roses

Choose from the 6pm or 8.30pm sitting and enjoy a glass of Elderflower 'bubbly' on arrival. Tickets are £40pp and can be booked on their website at

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Rags Revival Clothes Swishing Boutique at FAIR
12:00 PM12:00

Rags Revival Clothes Swishing Boutique at FAIR

Rags Revival organise Clothes Swishing events & have two in Feb, the7th and 21st. Swishing is all about Reuse, letting clothes which would otherwise be sitting at the back of your wardrobe and give them a new lease of life (and you can get new items to wear as well)

See Rags Revival post below for details

£5 entry bring up to 10 items!

I will be holding two this month to try and create more space for those wanting to come rather than just holding one. So if you ca't make this one hopefully you can make the one later in Febuary!Yayy!

This one will just be women's due to spacing issues.

How does it work?

Clothes Swapping Boutique
Fear not, here at Rags Revival events you won't need your crash helmet and knee pads to fend people off from the best stuff! It works on a free flow basis and as different people come through the event the stock changes constantly! 

You can bring up to 10 items - Clothes, Shoes, Hats, Bags, Jewelry (We do ask that you bring quality secondhand items - e.g. not those holey short shorts you have been wearing to the gym or the £2 tank you brought last year) The clothes DO NOT have to be vintage but of course would love them! I have mirrors and a changing screen to see how your new fabulous finds looks on you.

For some events children's clothes are also included. If this is the case then you can bring children's clothing instead of women's or a mixture of the two. There is no age cap and all tokens cross over so no matter what you bring you can spend them on anything.

Each item is worth one token - Simple!

When you arrive with your items you can either

1. Keep your clothes, look through the rails and make sure there are enough items that you want to swish/swap, before parting with those items that have been collecting dust at the back of your wardrobe. Then when you are ready you can literally swap each item for another! Also, this way you can keep some of your clothes you brought if you aren't quite ready to part with them yet and just swish a couple of pieces!

2. Hand in your items straight away and receive tokens and I will put your items straight out. These tokens you can spend to get any item already out or that comes later in the event. If you have any tokens left, keep them! Come to the next event and spend them there!

P.S - Don't feel bad that the clothes aren't going to charity because anything that doesn't swish for a few events I give to chairty :-)

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West Norwood Bzz Garage - Fruit Garden Planting
10:30 AM10:30

West Norwood Bzz Garage - Fruit Garden Planting

With funding from Incredible Edible Lambeth, the Bzz Garage has created a fruit garden on the site at Rothschild Street

Along with their exisiting hop vines and herbs, they will be adding rhubarb, raspberries, gooseberries, black and red currants, a kiwi vine and chuckleberries

Come along and help to prep the soil, plant the vines and canes and celebrate with tea and cake. 

As always, everyone is welcome, and no experience is required- just a will to make West Norwood that little bit greener!

Check out their Facebook page for more details on what the West Norwood Bzz Garage is about & what they get up to. They are a community growing scheme, creating a bee-friendly habitats on the high street, and growing local community food.

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Brighton & Hove Time Bank Fundraiser Extravaganza
7:30 PM19:30

Brighton & Hove Time Bank Fundraiser Extravaganza

A fundraiser for the new Brighton and Hove Time Bank. Local acts and a prize draw with exciting prizes 

Breakfast for two, including hot drink, at Alcampo Lounge, London Road, Brighton (usable Monday to Friday).
Beautiful jewellery, lovingly crafted by Fleur de Carotte (
A beautiful piece of art work by Graham Pratt (
Coffee / any hot drink for 2 at Small Batch – to be used in any branch!
Two 1-week passes at Fitness First gym, Brighton – includes whole gym, sauna, steam room and all classes e.g. yoga, spin, boxing, dance, zumba.
Three 1-day passes at Fitness First gym, Brighton – includes whole gym, sauna, steam room and all classes e.g. yoga, spin, boxing, dance, zumba.
A Fitness First gym hamper.
A bottle of whiskey kindly donated by Danny Crutchley.
A bottle of wine
Three Fitness First gym bags.

Entry is on a Pay as You Feel basis, BUT you will be strongly recommended to buy tickets for the prize draw. :)

View the Event on Facebook 

Brighton & Hove Time Bank is all about using time as a currency to empower the residents of Brighton & Hove. 

Whether you have a specific skill or just an extra pair of hands to offer, everyone is welcome to be equally involved. Whether it be teaching a language, offering to help someone paint their living room, or simply providing some company, everyone has something to give.

For every hour you spend doing something for someone else you will earn one ‘time credit’ to be held in your unique account on the system, to be spent whenever you see fit.

You will then be able to spend any credit you earn on learning a new skill, something another member of the community has produced or on help with something you may not be able or want to do alone. It’s really that simple!

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West Norwood Food Week 1st Feb - 7th Feb
to Feb 7

West Norwood Food Week 1st Feb - 7th Feb

Starting 1st February West Norwood Food Week is back with a week of foodie events at venues in West Norwood and Tulse Hill, events range from special menus, masterclasses, feasty experiences and fine dinning tasting menus, 

See more details at 

A Master Class in Crepe Making - Great North Wood

An Introduction to Local Portuguese Cuisine

An Evening of French Inspired Food

Tapas and Records

Caribbean Feast


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Gipsy Hill Brewing Co - Tap Room Re-Launch Party
1:00 PM13:00

Gipsy Hill Brewing Co - Tap Room Re-Launch Party

Gipsy Hill Brewing Co are a brewery in South London, focusing o big flavour, moreish brews. Making no nonsense, full flavoured, medium strength beer like Southpaw; a New World amber ale, Beatnik; a light crisp pale ale, Dissident; roasted malt flavour, & Hepcat; their fruitest IPA

Having just expanded their brewery, they decided to re-design the tap room bar, and will be having a re-launch event with food, beer and DJ Sam Harper with big mix of soul & funk!

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