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Bedsit Games

The creator behind BN1, a board game all about Brighton. I got this game for Christmas after having it on my wishlist for a while and recently played my first game and loved it (winning it did help). But it is a great game, especially for anyone who knows Brighton 

There is also a Zombie version called ZOMBN1

You can buy BN1 from Bedsit Games own site

Also available from Dave's Books, Amnesty Bookshop, Punker Bunker (all Sydney Street), Dice Saloon (Vantage Point, New England Street), Wigwam (Ditchling Road), Rocket Science (Trafalgar Street), England @ Home (Middle Street), Waterstones (North Street), City Books (Western Road), Kiss Me Kwik (George Street), Kemp Town Books (St. George's Road), Daisy Daisy (Gardner Street). More to be added.

Interview by with Paul Stapleton, creator of the game

Featured Charity

Sussex Nightstop

Sussex Nightstop Plus is a charity which works directly with young homeless people between the ages of 16-25, across the county of Sussex. Our aim is to provide a safe, emergency accommodation option for young people who are homeless or in housing need, on a night by night basis, by placing them in the homes of approved volunteer hosts recruited through Sussex Nightstop Plus

Accommodation is provided on a night by night basis for a period of up to three weeks. Nightstop Plus is designed to resolve the immediate housing crisis and we will ensure that the young person works with avaliable support agencies to find a more permanant solution. All young people accepted onto the scheme will get help with resettlement through a Housing Advisor provided by Sussex Central YMCA. Under 18s will be allocated a specialist Housing Options Advisor.

Get Involved.

Our Nightstop volunteers are integral to the success and continuation of this service.

We are always ready to hear from anyone who has a spare room in their home that they can make available to a young person in housing need.

Hosts are required to provide the young person with a warm welcome, evening meal, washing facilities, bed and breakfast and most importantly, if necessary, a listening ear or a bit of ‘space’.

In return for this we provide full training and support, payment of expenses incurred and the opportunity to make a positive difference to the lives of young people experiencing homelessness.

Take a look here at what some of our host families have to say

If you have an interest in young people’s issues and homelessness and have time to give to the project, please get in touch or complete our application form?

Perhaps you are interested in supporting Sussex Nightstop though aren’t ready to host yet?

If so we have a new volunteer role you may be interested in:

Volunteer Befriender.

As a Volunteer Befriender your principle role is to:-

  • Meet young people who are using the Nightstop service
  • Perhaps have an evening meal with them
  • Help them get to their host’s home

If you would like to support Sussex Nightstop and are able to meet with young people once a week for an hour or two, have a look at on of the role descriptions below. If you’d like to know more please get in touch or return your completed application form.

Need Help

If you are aged 16-25, single and homeless, you can apply to Sussex Nightstop Plus.

Subject to our criteria and availability, temporary accommodation can be offered to you on a night by night basis in the homes of our volunteers. Please note Sussex Nightstop Plus is a crisis accomodation option and you will be required to work with housing support services to secure longer term housing.

If offered a place, you can expect:
* Your own private bedroom
* An evening meal and breakfast when you leave in the morning
* Facilities to wash and dry your clothes if needed
* Fare back in to town if required
* A 'listening ear' if you wish

Featured Community

Brighton & Hove Time Bank

Brighton & Hove Time Bank is all about using time as a currency to empower the residents of Brighton & Hove. 

Whether you have a specific skill or just an extra pair of hands to offer, everyone is welcome to be equally involved. Whether it be teaching a language, offering to help someone paint their living room, or simply providing some company, everyone has something to give.

For every hour you spend doing something for someone else you will earn one ‘time credit’ to be held in your unique account on the system, to be spent whenever you see fit.

You will then be able to spend any credit you earn on learning a new skill, something another member of the community has produced or on help with something you may not be able or want to do alone. It’s really that simple! and on Facebook at

Here are a few questions which tend to be raised by people who are encountering the concept of time banking for the first time…

Do I need to pay anything?
No, no money changes hands at any point!

Are all skills worth the same?
Very much so. Every hour is worth one hour’s credit, whether you’re offering to help paint a fence, or providing professional legal advice.

Can I donate my credits?
Yes, if you find yourself earning and not spending, you can donate your credit(s) to someone you know or to your local charity, church etc. if they are a member. Just drop us an email.

Can members of the time bank get into debt?
Unlike a conventional bank account, there is no penalty for being in debt. All that is asked is that you give your time to someone else in the scheme when the opportunity arises. We recognise that there will always be participants who have a greater earning capacity than others. The option is given for them to donate some of their credits to fellow members or to a community pot to “top up” other accounts.

Is this not just a way of providing public services on the cheap? It sounds a bit Big Society!
There will never be enough resources to meet everyone’s needs through the public sector. Time banks can’t do everything any more than the government can. What time banks can do is to help fill the gaps that were perhaps traditionally filled by extended family and neighbours. An important bonus is that they help us realise that we all have skills that are valued by others. This not only creates a closer sense of neighbourliness but also increases each individual’s sense of self-worth.

In places such as Greece time banks have offered a way for people to support one another without relying on failed markets and a state which has widely withdrawn from the provision of public services. Brighton and Hove does not suffer the same levels of deprivation, but like any city, inequalities and social divisions keep people apart. A key aim of the time bank is to bring such people together.

Can groups or organisations join the time bank, or is it just for individuals?
Time banks are for everyone and can include groups or individuals. They do not have to be stand-alone projects and can link existing groups with other members of the community. What they offer is a mechanism for rewarding participation and rebuilding community. This way, you can mix and match.

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