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City Reads Book Swap 2017

City Reads is all about the pleasure of sharing books and stories  - and let’s face it - Brighton & Hove is very bookish city.  Walking the streets in certain neighbourhoods on a fair weathered evening, you may have already noticed a system of informal and anonymous book-sharing going on.  

Local crime writer William Shaw has his own ‘homemade’ box outside his house, and William says he loves the ongoing story of the box, which now has a life of his own. 

Inspired by William’s DIY spirit we got together with Brighton Festival and enlisted the help of some sponsors and funders to create several of these Book Swap Boxes to enable readers across the city free access books during City Reads 2017. 

These will be located at Redwood Cafe (William Shaw’s box) and Pavilion Gardens Cafe (Elly’s box).

We encourage City Readers to take a book, leave a book, read a book and share. It’s that simple!

Look out for these Book Swap Boxes during City Reads. We will be sign posting their locations via social media and on our website. The Book Boxes LAUNCH on World Book Day 02 March 2017.

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