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Best Lego Sets 2010-19 Polls

We are close to end of a decade and it has made me think what are the best Lego sets of the last decade

So I will be doing polls for various collections, like Best Modular, Best Winter Village Set, Best Architecture Set, and will be adding polls to this post over the next month of so. If you have any suggestions of themes or collections we could do a vote on let me know

This is just a bit of fun, and I am very curious to see what people think

Best Modular (2010-2019)
Grand Emporium (2010)
Pet Shop (2011)
Town Hall (2012)
Palace Cinema (2013)
Parisian Restaurant (2014)
Detective's Office (2015)
Brick Bank (2016)
Assembly Square (2017)
Downtown Dinner (2018)
Corner Garage (2019)

Best Winter Village Set
Winter Village Bakery (2010)
Winter Village Post Office (2011)
Winter Village Cottage (2012)
Winter Village Market (2013)
Santa's Workshop (2014)
Winter Toy Shop (2015)
Winter Holiday Train (2016)
Winter Village Station (2017)
Winter Village Fire Station (2018)
Gingerbread House (2019)
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