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Bright Green Penguin is all about Creativity, Charity, Community and encourage and connecting people. It is about supporting local businesses, charities, the environment, covering everything from recycling to reuse/upcycling, and local initiatives which encourage and develop communities


I love the fact there are so many independent shops, sites like Etsy, small galleries & people who make and creative things


Having worked managing business centres for many years, I have had plenty of experience dealing with charities, and the important work they do, and the support and promotion they need. I do admire the small charities, which can do so much without the large resources of the big name charities. 


This is the big one for me, as communities help do good things, can make improvements to where and how we live. For me, community can be anything from Good Gym's runs with help the local community to the work of My Zero Waste with #zerowasteweek

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